Lizard Turtle

United Pet Care is proud to introduce FIMOCREATIONS to our pet owner members. These amazing animals are created by Jon Anderson using colored Fimo clay. Every color in each design is actually a different piece of clay. There is absolutely no paint used whatsoever! Because each piece is completely handmade no two are ever exactly alike and once the design tiles are all used, that image is gone forever. This renders each and every piece unique and collectible.

You can now purchase your favorite FIMOCREATIONS animal through us, at United Pet Care! Just click on and make your selection.

These animals are available in three (3) different sizes and make excellent gifts as well!
Call us (602) 266-5303 or toll free 1-877-872-8800 or e-mail us at FIMOCREATIONS for pricing and delivery.
You have never seen workmanship of this quality!


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