Preventing Pet Arthritis

Pet arthritis is very much possible to occur. Animals also suffer this kind of illness and it is very common specifically among cats and dogs. These two household pets are exposed to some high endurance activities like running, jumping, and playing which can lead to the wearing and tearing of their cartilages. When this happens, arthritis comes in. Come to think of it, humans are not the only ones straining their joints everyday. Also, when you pet cat or dog is already old, expect it to be prone to arthritis. So, does exposing your pet on an active lifestyle help in preventing this illness?

Actually, pets become more up close to the illness if they take the lead in an active lifestyle. Possible signs that your pet may start to have arthritis is when it is lively before and now, it becomes lazy and doesn’t even want to move a paw. Your will also notice that your cat or dog agility skills are lowered as compared before. Change of mood is another a sign.

Here are three easy ways to prevent pet arthritis:

1. Visit the veterinarian

The signs of pet arthritis mentioned above are just a few signs that can contribute to distinguishing whether your pet is suffering from the illness. However, there are times too that it does not lead to arthritis.

2. Treat the arthritis

The illness itself can be treated without surgery. There are prescribed drugs that can be taken in by pets as advised by veterinarians.

3. Change your pet’s living environment

Having a pet is just like having a child run around your home. To somehow help prevent you pet from suffering from arthritis; make your household a safe place to stay in. Accident prone areas like slippery floors contribute to a much better lifestyle of your pet.

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