By Clay Thompson

Why does my dog insist on eating his own poop? That's disgusting. Of course, it is only disgusting to us. The dog apparently enjoys it.

Officially this is known as coprophagia, and there could be any number of reasons for it. In the wild, canines will eat the intestines of their herbivore prey, which would include some excrement. It is thought that perhaps they get some vitamins from this.

Mother dogs will eat their newborn puppies' poop. The habit is a leftover from their days in the wild when they did this to hide the pups from predators. And sometimes dogs will coprophagia-ize because there might be some undigested pieces of food left over in there.

There are some products you can add to your dog's food that will render its poop unpalatable. Ask your vet. I also read that adding a bit of meat tenderizer to the mutt's food will help break Fido of the habit.

And I came across this tip: Find some of the creature's poop, cut it open, add some hot sauce, put it back together again and wait to see the dog's reaction when it takes a big bite. If you ask me, that one sounds ridiculous

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