Top Seven Most Detrimental Boxer Health Problems by Marcus B Stephens

Every dog's sustainability depends on his health. Boxers, like any other breeds, are susceptible to certain ailments. Most of them are genetically acquired while others are viral. The risk of developing Boxer Boxer health problems can be eliminated to a great extent and treated properly if diagnosed in the early stages.

This article provides information regarding the various disorders and is not intended to substitute a professional care. In the event that your Boxer is exposed to such ailments, immediately consult an animal doctor who has the knowledge regarding their treatment and management.

Seven Boxer Health Problems That Need Immediate Attention:

Boxer Aortic Stenosis

This Boxer health problem is a condition wherein there is a narrowing of the outflow channel between the main artery and the aorta of the heart due to blockage, thus decreasing the blood flow through the body. Although this can be asymptomatic, it can be fatal.

Boxers with mild stenosis will generally show no signs. In which case, auscultation, or examination through the stethoscope, is the only finding. Symptoms may vary in moderate to severe cases, including difficulty in breathing, coughing, abnormal heart rhythm, and sudden death.

Training Boxer dogs with this disorder can only worsen the condition. Hence, consult a vet for any signs that may occur.

Boxer Dilated Cardiomyopathy

This is one of the most serious Boxer health problems that can also be deadly. In this condition, the ventricles of the heart become dilated, thus leading to a loss in their normal contracting abilities. The heart pumps harder to compensate for this loss and eventually leads to Congestive heart failure.

In mild cases, the Boxer may show no clinical signs although his heart beats irregularly. Symptoms in serious cases include collapse or weakness while affected dogs may experience depression, exercise intolerance, loss of appetite, weight loss or even death. Therefore, regular visit to the vet is necessary for its treatment and prevention.

Boxer Corneal Dystrophy

Certain Boxer health problems may also affect their vision, such as corneal dystrophy. This is an inherited disease which damages the layers of the cornea, usually affecting both eyes. Chronic or recurring shallow ulcers may result and blindness may occur.

Boxers that are 7 years old and older can acquire Epithelial dystrophy which causes shallow erosions or ulcerations that are painful and hard to clear up, and this would make Boxer training difficult. In such cases, bring them to a dog professional for surgical correction the soonest possible.

Boxer Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a Boxer health problem wherein the hip joints do not form properly, thereby causing pain and causing the hip joints to give out. For this reason, the dog's joints will not be able to support his hip and body.

The mode of inheritance is unknown, and during the early stage,Boxers may not display any clinical symptoms. Therefore, it is important for owners to watch closely for this, especially when training Boxers, so that immediate intervention by the veterinarian can be done.

Boxer Bloating or Gastric Torsion

This Boxer health problem is caused by a twisting of the stomach, thus trapping the stomach contents and gases resulting in a rapid swelling of the abdomen. This is accompanied by pain and can lead to death when not treated.

Symptoms include continuous pacing or lying down of your Boxer, salivating, panting, whining, agitation, drooling, vomiting, and swelling in the abdominal area. Dogs that experience one or more of these become violent and later develop Boxer aggression problems like Boxer biting and scratching.

It is important for the owners to be prepared for emergency cases. If any of these clinical effects show, call the vet immediately since this can be life-threatening.

Boxer Hyperthyroidism

This Boxer health problem indicates that the thyroid is either not functioning properly or not working at all. This genetic disorder can result in hair loss, inactive lifestyle, slow growth and chronic skin conditions like dry skin or lesions.

There are certain medications that can be used to treat. Therefore, consult a vet as soon as these symptoms occur.

Boxer Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial septal defect is a Boxer health problem which is congenital or present at birth. In this condition, the atria of the heart fails to close completely.

If the Atrial septal defect is persistent, it causes shunting in which blood continues to flow from the left to the right atria. Small atrial septal defects often cause very few problems and may be found later in life. In advanced cases, large shunts can increase the pressure on the right side of the heart resulting in reversal of blood flow and shortness of breath.

Boxer dogs are prone to any type of diseases that is why it is necessary that breeders have the knowledge in identifying Boxer health problems that could affect their normal life expectancies. These can either be dangerous or worse, may cost them their lives.


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