Awareness In Pet Medication by Ravindra Dasarwar

In today�s world everyone is very protective about their pets since pets are part of our family. If you have a garden at your premises then your pets are at higher risk of getting ticks and fleas.

Welcome to OTCVetmeds, true pet lovers and disease haters. It doesn�t matter how cute and good looking your pets are, we cannot ignore the infestation of flea and tick or any other disease.

Human beings are very sensitive to the side effects of medications. Similarly, pets may have allergies and have to face side effects of the medicines. So, it is very important to be aware of the side effects of any medication that you are about to provide your pet. The only difference between human beings and pets is that the symptoms in pets are being shown when they are very serious.

Make a proper note of all the side effects before giving any medication to your pet. Side effects may be either common or the rare symptoms. Since you are the best person who knows your pet, it is better if you administer your pet during medication. The moment you find some unexpected symptoms in your pet, stop the medication there itself.

Followings are some things you should observe:

Variations in following:

Eating habits � Changes in the intake of food.

Behavior � Being aggressive or being silent.

Marks and rashes on skin.

Hair related problems: hair loss, weakening of hair.

Nausea and vomiting, Gastro related problems.

Weight related � Increase or decrease.


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