3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Dog Lose Weight Tomorrow.

As you may know, more than 25 percent and as many as 50 percent of American dogs are overweight. 

Dogs with obesity are more prone to a variety of health problems, just like people.  In addition to diabetes, asthma and hip and joint problems, I think overweight dogs can also have some depression issues.

Losing weight can help overweight dogs become healthier and happier.  It can also help them to live longer. 

Here are some things you can do tomorrow that can help your dog start losing weight.

1. Cut the treats in half. If you must feed treats, cut them in half or give half as many in a day.  This can help cut calories.

2. Exercise.  Ask your vet if your pet is healthy enough to tolerate more exercise.  If you play with your dog every day, play a few minutes longer.  If you go on a walk, go a little farther.  This helps burn calories.

3. Talk to your vet about your dog's diet.

Lower the amount of calories your dog consumes each day by changing
your dog's food. There are several diets formulated for weight loss. I really like the Hill's Prescription Diet Therapeutic Weight Reduction Program .  This is a very easy and effective way to help control your dog's weight.  You get pre-measured meals and biscuits in two sizes to help your dog reach his weight goal.  How easy is that?  This has been very effective in helping dogs lose weight.  If your dog is overweight, check out this plan.  Discuss it with your veterinarian.  To learn more, go to: Hill's Prescription Diet Therapeutic Weight Reduction Plan.

Portion control is a BIG issue.  That's why I like this plan.  The prepackaged meals are exactly the right portion - so there's no guesswork.  This makes it really easy for the dog owner, especially when multiple members of the family feed the dog.  With the
Hill's Program , you'll know your dog has had his daily fill when the pre-packaged food for the day is gone.  Having your dog's portions predetermined in this way helps to keep everyone on the same page of the plan.

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