What To Look For In A Groomer

Our pet is a very important member of our family and we don’t want “just anybody” bathing and grooming him. We Want to make sure a competent and careful person is handling our pet especially when sharp objects like electric clippers and scissors are involved. In addition soapy water and chemical dips to prevent fleas and/or ticks must be handled carefully to prevent harm to our pet.

If you are new to the area or need to look for a new groomer, start by asking friends, neighbors and co-workers. If you a well groomed dog on the street, stop and ask the owner where the dog was groomed. Every time a dog leaves the groomer, he is a walking advertisement. Talk to your veterinarian or kennel manager or use your company’s Pet Care Referral to get information on groomers in your area.

Selecting the right groomer is based on your individual needs and desires as a pet owner and your pet’s needs including safety, comfort and styling. Start by calling several groomers in your area and ask them the following questions. Keep in mind that groomers are usually on a tight time schedule and it’s hard to answer questions while fluff drying a dog. If the groomer is very busy, ask if she would call you back when she has ample time to answer your questions.


What services are provided? (bathing, grooming, nail clipping)

What is the fee for the services you want performed?


Did you go to grooming school or apprentice with a professional grooming?

How long have you been grooming?

Are you certified by the grooming organization?

What breed(s) styling is covered by the certification?

Do you have much experience with (name of your particular breed)?


What is the procedure for sanitizing scissors and other implements?

Do you use tranquilizers?

What safety precautions are taken during grooming?


Professional Affiliations

Are you a member of any professional grooming organization such as the National Dog Groomers of America Association?

After you have selected several potential grooming businesses, go for a visit. Consider the following:

Were you greeted courteously when you entered?

Does the grooming business display or offer you written information about their standards and staff?

Does the grooming business smell and look clean?

Observe and listen to how the staff talks to and treats the animals being groomed.

Selecting the right groomer for your pet takes time and energy. Be sure to take a tour of potential grooming businesses and ask questions. Look, listen and smell- then trust your instincts. Place your trust in the groomer you have carefully selected and when you see the good result, you and your pet will both be Happy.
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