The Hazards of People Food and Table Scraps


 Don’t “improve” a puppy or dog food with table scraps or leftovers

This alters the carefully balanced mix of ingredients in the food and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, allergic reactions or excessive weight gain. Show your love in other ways.

 Avoid the old practice of giving your dog poultry or animal bones

Even hard bones can splinter when chewed, and injure your dog’s mouth, esophagus or stomach.

 Make sure you don’t drop chocolate on the floor

Or leave any where your dog can get at it. Chocolate can be hazardous and even deadly to a dog.

 Also, be sure your dog doesn’t eat cat food

A food that’s nutritionally balanced for a cat isn’t appropriate for a dog’s needs, and vice-versa.

 You don’t need to use any off-the-shelf supplements unless your vet tells you to

A properly formulated puppy or dog food like NUTRO® pet foods will provide all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids your puppy or dog needs. Adding supplements unnecessarily could be harmful.

 Don’t prepare your own pet food

You won’t be providing a more nutritious diet than commercially available premium foods and in many cases; your food won't be nutritionally balanced and could cause weight gain.

 Even a taste of people food can be risky

While all your dog really needs is a healthy meal every day, everyone enjoys a treat now and then. Just remember that it’s best to give your pets treats formulated especially for them. They’re great for training and maintaining dental health. You can make your dog feel special and keep him on his nutritional program at the same time.
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