Dog Health Care You Can Provide

You can tackle many of your dog’s health care needs all by yourself — especially after a little instruction from a vet. We’ll tell you how to make these tasks easier on you and your pet.

Tablets and Capsules


treats are nutritious treats for dogs that contain built-in pouches perfect for hiding medicine or supplements. Just pop in the medicine, and hand it over. Dogs love the taste so much they won’t notice there’s medicine inside!


Insert a plastic syringe at the corner of the mouth between his cheek and rear molars, and squirt the medicine in slowly, allowing him to swallow.

Eye Drops and Ointments

With one hand, hold your dog’s head firmly and use your forefinger and thumb to hold open the eyelids. Apply the drops or ointment with your other hand. Be careful not to touch the eye itself with your fingers, the tube or the dropper.

Ear Drops and Ointments

Hold the head with one hand and administer the drops or ointment with the other. If the medication is intended for the ear canal, rub the ear gently to help push it in.

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