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One of the greatest lessons of my life came from a dog. It was Christmas Eve, 1989, and our house was burning to the ground. As we stood in the snow in our jammies, our Newfoundland, Alfie, kept running back toward the house to make sure all the children were out and that everyone was safe. (We were, thankfully.) It was the most selfless, unconditional act of...  read more »
It’s no secret that having a pet is a very costly endeavor. There is of course the initial cost to buy the pet, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the breed and sire lines of the animal you are considering; however, you must also consider the ongoing costs of having a pet. These include food, toys, boarding if you go on vacation, grooming, and of course regular v...  read more »
1. More Talkative

Excessive vocalizing as he ages doesn't mean he's becoming more conversational, but it could indicate that he's disoriented due to cognitive dysfunction, he's becoming deaf, or he's in pain, perhaps from arthritis. Have him thoroughly examined to rule out any medical condition. If there's no physical cause, try training him to be quiet upon your command and reward him generou...  read more »
As a pet owner, you’ve probably heard of heartworm, though you may not be sure what exactly it is or how it can affect your dog or cat. The guide below is meant to give you a general overview of what heartworm is, what it can do to your beloved companion, how you can prevent it, and how you can treat it.

What’s Heartworm and How Do Animals Become Infected?

Heartworm is transferred from o...  read more »
While there are many diseases humans can get that dogs can’t get (and vice versa), Lyme disease is not one of them. Ticks pose as much a risk to our pets as they do to us. Luckily, our dogs at least can benefit from flea and tick preventative care. But what if your dog isn’t treated by this medicine, or it wasn’t applied correctly? A dog’s body is a playground for ticks, which take advanta...  read more »
Camping season is here. Whether you’re an extreme adventurer hiking the Appalachian Trail or a city escapist relaxing at a campground, camping with a dog requires preparation. Furry friends love to spend the extra time with you outside of their air conditioned pad, so keep them safe and follow a few of the below tips for camping with dogs.

1.Apply flea and tick prevention. Before you leave fo...  read more »
No one expected to find 199 animals in this rather unremarkable single-family home located in a quiet, somewhat affluent, suburb of Boston, Mass. But that’s exactly what Lynnfield police discovered after responding to a medical emergency on Feb. 26. Not only did they find a woman – Gaye Miville – dead, but they discovered that the home she shared with her husband was the setting of one of th...  read more »
She was bloodied and broken when she was brought into the 24-hour animal hospital located in Manchester, NH, about an hour north of Boston. Her name was Molly, a 3-year-old Australian Collie who had just suffered four broken legs after being hit by a plow. Her owner came to the hospital frantic, wondering what could be done. And although there was a chance that Molly could be saved, there was no w...  read more »
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