With the new year comes the reminder that you should take your pet to the veterinarian for their annual check-up. As each year goes by, your pet ages at a faster rate than we do. Before you know it, that once playful puppy is now a slow moving “old man.” That frisky kitten is now a more laid back feline.
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Yvette Armendariz
Arizona Republic
Everyone who has owned a dog knows how much they like their tummies rubbed and their ears scratched. Why not take it a step further and treat them to a massage? After all, dogs are people, too. At least, that's the theory behind Dogs Are People Too Pet Massage and Instruction, a new Phoenix business that teaches people how to give their dogs massages.
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PHOENIX, Arizona, October 1, 2008 – United Pet Care, market leader in unique and affordable pet healthcare programs administered through private practice veterinarians, is proud to announce our new partnership with VetMatrix.
Both companies focus on growing and retaining clients for veterinarians, creating an optimum outcome for the veterinarians. VetMatrix specializes in on-li...  read more »
VetMatrix-Online Marketing & Website Development
VetMatrix can help your pet hospital develop a highly visible online presence, and convert website visitors into lifelong patients. VetMatrix maintains hundreds of practice websites that attract and educate patients using an interactive and automated approach. VetMatrix tools include: online forms, email newsletters,&n...  read more »
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Dr. Jill Richardson
Did you know that the average American eats over 11 pounds of chocolate per year and, just this year, over two billion dollars will be spent on chocolate. Not only do we love chocolate, our dogs LOVE chocolate too!! And, if given the opportunity, they will eat surprisingly large amounts.

Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa beans and cocoa butter. ...  read more »
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