Written By Alison Landis Stone
Editor-in-chief of Healthy Pet
Before my husband and I got a dog, I had to work through my fears of losing a pet. It felt sort of silly that I was worried about dealing with the death of a pet before we even found one to give a home to. But I'd already lost my childhood dog, and I'd witnessed how devastating the loss was to my father, who had t...  read more »

Arizona Humane Society
QUESTION: "Tucker, my 6 month old Labrador retriever mix, is an active, playful puppy and an aggressive chewer. Needless to say, he often finds shoes, furniture and other inappropriate items quite tasty. "I buy him a variety of squeaky toys and stuffed animals to keep him entertained. However, he seems to get bored with the toys very quickly. ...  read more »
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