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Hiker Andi Davis knows the mountain peaks near Phoenix, Ariz., well. After all, she hikes the trails there most every morning she can. But on October 18, what began as a routine hike soon turned into an all-out rescue mission, a dog’s fate held in Davis’s arms — quite literally.

As Davis turned a corner on the remote trail she frequents, she saw something on the ground ahead...  read more »
Domestic violence affects people of every race, gender, economic status, educational background, sexual orientation, religion, and nationality. That’s why, back in October 1981, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence created the National Day of Unity, a time to remember those who have suffered at the hands of an abusive partner, to celebrate victims who survived, and a day to sprea...  read more »
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Please watch, learn and really think about it.
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The term gets tossed around casually, but separation anxiety is a very serious matter. True separation anxiety is your dog's panicked response to being left alone. The results--including the destruction of your belongings and the deterioration of your dog's mental and physical health--can be devastating.

Separation anxiety is very different from misbehavior. It's a misconception tha...  read more »

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Dogs love to munch away on grass, and some even make it part of their daily routine. Fortunately, most experts believe it isn't something you should worry about. So why exactly do they gobble up that green stuff in your yard?
Scavengers 'R Us

Dogs, unlike their catty counterparts, are not carnivores. But they're not like your garden-variety ...  read more »

From bouncing baby pup to elderly matriarch, your dog will express different needs--and tender a range of rewards--at each stage of her life. Puppies are demanding and energetic, adolescents unpredictable. Adult dogs are eager and self-assured, and by the time they're seniors, they will have slowed to a comfortably lazy pace.

As with human relationships, ups and downs are guaranteed...  read more »
It was love at first bark for German Shepherd mixes Ben and Jade. After spending their lives on the streets as a bonded pair, Ben and Jade were rescued by staff and volunteers at the Terre Haute Humane Society (THHS) in Terre Haute, Ind.

The canine couple spent four months at THHS, even staying together in the same kennel. Ben and Jade were only separated once for a short time, when Jade was ...  read more »
If you are like most pet owners, your pets are valued members of your family. It is a documented fact that many have risked life and limb to save their precious pets during a disaster. Statistically, however, it is more often small cuts and scrapes that occur that require immediate attention, rather than major disasters such as an earthquake or flood. For this reason, every pet owner should have e...  read more »
If you have a dog, then you would know how their curiosity and activeness can get them into trouble. Sometimes, they even get hurt because of their misadventures. Knowing how to apply basic first aid on dogs can not only help it cope with the pain, it could even just save their life. Thousands of dogs get into accidents, get injured or get sick every day, and walking away without helping just soun...  read more »
Just about all there for several reasons as there was always a huge variety to choose from, from the comfort of little kittens to your veterans, which would cherish a new loving home.
While cancer in cats isn't as common as it in dogs, it's still one of the main causeof death in older cats. Using the Animal Cancer Foundation, 6 000 0000 cats will be clinically determined to have cancer in the us...  read more »
Cat breeds with long fur tend to develop hairballs than those with short hair. Hairballs in cats shouldn't be taken for granted for it poses many serious problems if left untreated. If your furry friend cannot rid itself of a cat hairball through defecating or vomiting, she might suffer from a blockage in her digestive system. Severe cases of cat hairballs are life-threatening and need to be remov...  read more »
Pet arthritis is very much possible to occur. Animals also suffer this kind of illness and it is very common specifically among cats and dogs. These two household pets are exposed to some high endurance activities like running, jumping, and playing which can lead to the wearing and tearing of their cartilages. When this happens, arthritis comes in. Come to think of it, humans are not the only ones...  read more »

It’s a common occurrence…pet owners expressing feelings of frustration, helplessness and even despair from a single symptom.  Their pets itch and scratch, itch and scratch – and it is not a flea problem!  Although this may not seem like a big deal, these owners suffer through sleepless nights as their pets scratch and chew and lick, all in an attempt to get some need...  read more »
<p><strong>Evidence Grows that Childhood Pets Protect Against Animal Allergies </strong><br /><i></i></p><p>Good news for families who are keen to have a pet cat or dog at home, but are worried that the children might develop an animal allergy as a result. An increasing body of evidence roundly disproves that theory. </p>Evidence Grows that Chi...  read more »
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