Recently, we told you the story of Callie. Abandoned in a frozen van, Callie was left for dead until the ASPCA and NYPD rescued her. While we were thrilled to report that Callie’s story had a happy ending (she was adopted by the same police officer who found her), it got us thinking about animal abandonment. Though not discussed as often as other, more overt forms of animal cruelty...  read more »
It is suggested that if you are looking for permanent relief for dog allergies symptoms you need to go see a veterinary dermatologist. Here you can find the cause for sneezing in dogs, general allergies in dogs and most of your dog skin problems.

People medicines such as Benadryl and Claritin will only provide temporary relief of the signs and your dog will still be uncomfortable.

In some ...  read more »
Before you commit to spending hundreds of pounds on a pedigree puppy, take the time to consider an alternative- re-homing a rescue dog.

Every year around 100,000 dogs are abandoned in the UK. Contrary to popular belief, very few of these dogs are �problem dogs�. Most have been abandoned due to their families moving, new babys, death of an owner and other domestic problems- none of which ar...  read more »
Do you come home from work and find your garbage strewn all over the house? Are there holes dug all over the yard? Do you find chew marks on your furniture? Has the stuffing been pulled out of your couch? Are all of these and other naughty things being done by your lovable pet pooch? The cause is simple. Your pet is bored!

Now a more challenging question; what do you do about it? All dogs need...  read more »
What are they? Wikipedia describes them in this way: "A puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm, is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care."

Although accurate, it is an incredibly diplomatic way to describe the horrific conditions i...  read more »
Your pooches have never really demanded for anything except for food and love but then that does not mean that you do not go out of your way and think something creative enough to do for your dog that sets your pet apart from other pets. Unlike humans, dog breeds seem to look the same. Sure you have dog collars to bring your pooch an individual identity, but it is so old school. Times have changed...  read more »
Keeping your dog happy and healthy is at the top of your list of priorities, especially when your dog has short hair. Buying winter wear for short haired dogs is generally recommended to keep your dog warm during the colder months. Many dogs enjoy the winter and enjoy a romp in the snow. This is why it�s so important to pick the right winter wear for your dog.

According to experts, you will ...  read more »
UPC IS A MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM THAT gives you assurance that every visit at the Vet’s office will have a savings no matter the age or breed of your pet. No restrictions or limitations. No pre-existing condition exclusions.
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Insurance Coverage…Knowing exactly what is covered by your policy can prevent unpleasant surprises. Some imp...  read more »
When your dog is under the weather or experiencing a more serious health issue, you probably dread the thought of an expensive veterinarian bill. However, as your dog can not tell you what he or she is experiencing, you will need to clearly watch your dog to make the best guess.

The more information you can provide to your vet, the

lower the bill may be, as you could eliminate unnecessary ...  read more »
As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who specializes in behavior issues and has treated many cases of canine separation anxiety, I have seen first-hand how challenging the problem can be. Separation issues not only have behavioral consequences for the dog, but there is an emotional component for both dog and owner, which can make matters even more difficult. Fortunately, there are things you ca...  read more »
It's a question that all new kitten owners need to ask themselves so first of all I'll explain what neutering is.

What is Neutering?

In male both of the testes are removed, in female kittens the ovaries and uterus are removed. Both procedures are done under anaesthetic so during the operation your cat will feel no pain. Because the cut is so small the pain is minimal for the cats and the v...  read more »
There are different ways of training a dog and in doing so, there are certain things and techniques that you should always remember.

Knowing the techniques for dog training is very useful while some of it can bear negative results. It is normal to get different manners and opinions about dog training, so it is quite difficult to tell what best works.

The most common confusion comes in the ...  read more »
Around 5-10% of dogs are thought to suffer from some form of food allergy or intolerance. The former usually to something that they commonly eat, the latter to new foods.

Common Allergens

The most common allergies are to wheat and surprisingly beef, with other allergens including pork, chicken, dairy, eggs, maize, soya and fish.

It can be difficult to recognize food intolerance in a pe...  read more »
Thinking that your much loved cat might be ill is a worrying time, they can�t tell you what�s wrong and unless you�re a trained vet you�re not going to know if their illness is serious or just something simple like a common cold.

Symptoms to suggest that your cat maybe ill

If you�re cat has a complete change in behaviour such as spending even more time sleeping, being aggressive,...  read more »
A Quick Historical past Of Police Dog Training

Canine animals have already been utilized for law enforcement, such as warfare, for thousands of years. Law enforcement canine coaching hasn't usually been important. Earlier dogs had been chosen for power, stamina levels, as well as ferociousness. They were regarded as as asset when they didn't price cash or need special training.

Bulldog in ...  read more »
Every dog's sustainability depends on his health. Boxers, like any other breeds, are susceptible to certain ailments. Most of them are genetically acquired while others are viral. The risk of developing Boxer Boxer health problems can be eliminated to a great extent and treated properly if diagnosed in the early stages.

This article provides information regarding the various disorders and is n...  read more »
Pets are wonderful companions. The loyalty and constant acceptance from our pets is priceless. Many pet owners make sacrifices so they can have their furry friends in the house. Pet hair on the floor and furniture, litter boxes, and messes in the feeding areas are just a few drawbacks of having cats in your home. Fortunately, there are some steps to living in style with indoor cats.

Create a S...  read more »
There are a selection of various pets that folks may get for themselves or for their children. While dogs are likely to be the more popular choice several of us prefer to have a pet which is fairly independent and does not require our full attention every minute of your day. The best pet to get for somebody like this is a cat.

The great thing about cats is that they are small and they have the...  read more »
When your cat stops eating or starts eating less it can be a cause for concern. �Before you start worrying, take a look at some of the simple things that could be putting your cat off their food.

Firstly check that their bowls are clean, why would they want to eat out of a dirty bowl, just like us, they wouldn't. �Cat dishes should be washed at least once a day if using dry food and after ...  read more »
There are a number of reasons why dogs eat poop. Although this may sound absurd, this thing does happen and watching them do this is very disgusting. This particular behavior should never be welcomed since poops contain harmful bacteria, the Escherichia coli, which may threaten the animal's life and can be passed to people through their saliva.

Before we look at the reasons why dogs eat poop, ...  read more »
your pooch doing the shiver dance this winter? You can't blame him. Try standing in this weather in nothing but a dog collar and see how you feel. Most dogs, especially those with shorter fur, aren't built for really cold weather. Why not dress your pet in a dog jacket? A dog hoodie is more than just fashionable. It helps protect your dog against the weather, making the animal not only comfortable...  read more »
In today�s world everyone is very protective about their pets since pets are part of our family. If you have a garden at your premises then your pets are at higher risk of getting ticks and fleas.

Welcome to OTCVetmeds, true pet lovers and disease haters. It doesn�t matter how cute and good looking your pets are, we cannot ignore the infestation of flea and tick or any other disease.

H...  read more »
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