Five years ago, Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Charles Sasser was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, an incurable and degenerative disease that causes memory loss, cognitive impairment, confusion, and the loss of various bodily functions as the disease progresses. The illness and its effects are brutal for the sufferer and heartbreaking to the friends and family of the person diagnosed....  read more »
Dogs don't show pain the way humans do, so it's very important for pet owners to know the common signs that dogs show when they are in pain.

As pet owners, we do all we can to make sure that our dogs are well-cared for and loved. We buy them the best food, toys and treats; we pamper them as much as we can. We never want to see them in pain, but dogs are stoic and can't tell us when they are in ...  read more »
1)  Shop around for the best deals on bedding and pet gear. Of course, sleeping in your bed if Free, but only if your pet has earned it.
2)  Get crafty and make your own toys. Crumple up a toilet-paper roll, throw it and yell fetch!
3)  Invest in a healthy diet. Experts warn against cheap kibble packed with fillers.
The good stuff will get your pets the nutrition ...  read more »
* At just 3.8 inches tall, Miracle Milly of Puerto Rico is our planet's smallest dog.
* The farthest distance skateboarded by a goat is 118 feet. The rolling ruminant? Happie, a Nigerian dwarf cross from Fort Myers, FL.
* Puggy, A Pskingese from Fort Worth, Texas, licks the compitition with a tongue measuring 4.5 inches, the longest on a dog.
* RIP Giant George, the...  read more »
Perhaps the least expensive pet you can own
At $45 per year, supplies, food and toys for hermit crabs are cheaper than a fancy crab dinner
Supplies and food are the biggest costs for these little critters (about $82 per yaer). Toys are $16, while vet bills average just $11 annually.
Sunk cost inclde aquariums, filteration equipment, test kits, decora...  read more »
1. Why are you on my face?
2. I haven’t seen you in two weeks, how are you still eating the food I put out?
3. I wonder if you actually think the TV is a threat.
4. Why is your belly so much softer than the rest of you?
5. Do you think my outfit is cool? No, you don’t care.
6. How can you be hungry, you just ate.
7. Do you even like me a little?
8. Aw, you’re batting a...  read more »
A Pet carrier that is safe and keeps your pet out of harm's way is an ideal choice. Your home, car, or even an airplane can all board this convenient accessory. They prove to be really helpful especially for small pets. It is the best means to keep them secure from other pets thus saving them from potential harm. So, it is important that a pet owner understands how necessary and purposeful th...  read more »
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