Pet healthcare is the most requested voluntary benefit across the United States!

What better way to differentiate your benefits package? Attract and retain employees by helping them save money on healthcare for their beloved furry family members! Did you know that 63% of US households have pets?* That means that about 2 out of every 3 employees could benefit from the United Pet Care program!

*Humane Society of the United States

United Pet Care is NOT pet insurance. It is BETTER than pet insurance. Why? UPC is a membership program that is extremely affordable at less than $11/month, and your employees receive GUARANTEED savings immediately at the veterinarian’s office!

Unlike pet insurance, United Pet Care eliminates the barriers to care with:

  • NO claim forms
  • NO exclusions due to age
  • NO exclusions due to pre-existing or genetic conditions
  • NO deductibles
  • NO referrals necessary to participating specialists
  • NO limit to the number of office visits
  • NO waiting period

Be a Hero!

Save your pet-owner employees 20-50% on every visit to the veterinarian – guaranteed!
  • No cost to employer
  • No minimum participation requirement
  • Special rates provided for payroll deduction
  • Easy to administer
  • Excellent selection of veterinarians

UPC is Extremely Easy to Administer

United Pet Care makes implementation simple! We will provide you with customized packets for your employees, and replenish these as needed. Enrollment can be done on-line, by phone, or by hard copy, whatever works best for you! We will be happy to participate in all required enrollment activities.

Employees Can Enroll Year-Round!

  • Enrollment can be implemented off-cycle by the 25th of any month, with membership becoming effective the first of the following month.
  • UPC can be aligned with your open-enrollment period, at any point that you so choose.

Choose the Program[s] that are right for your company – and let your employees select their participating veterinary facility!

  • Choice
  • Preferred
  • Select
  • Basic

United Pet Care is much more affordable than pet insurance, at a fraction of the cost!

All United Pet Care programs cost less than $11/month, unlike pet insurance which ranges from approximately $25 on up to $65/month depending on the age of the pet and the coverage. Unlike pet insurance, United Pet Care’s monthly fee does not go up as your pet gets older! Nor, do we exclude any pets due to age or pre-existing conditions.

United Pet Care can mean the difference between life and death for the family pet.

With the rising costs of veterinary care, it is not always easy to get our pets the medical attention that they deserve. For less than it would typically cost for a single visit to the veterinarian, membership in the United Pet Care program could save pet-owners hundreds of dollars on the cost of veterinary care!

Employer Testimonials

"We have been offering pet healthcare through United Pet Care since 2001. It has been working well for the employees and for the Phoenix office."

Barb Niebel
Personnel Coordinator
Perkins Cole Brown & Bain P.A.

"We offer United Pet Care to our employees. Our employees love the option to cover their pets for veterinary services. They appreciate the services and savings they receive for their pets. We welcome the opportunity to work with United Pet Care on this voluntary benefit to our employees."

Julie Garret
Director, Compensation/Benefits/HRIS
John C. Lincoln Hospital

"St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance has been with United Pet Car for about 4 years. Our employees that have pets love this program because of the procedures that are included in the programs and the money they save on Office Visits, Annual Vaccines, Annual Exams, and Hospitalization with overnight stay. Plus you have an extensive list of veterinarians to select from. Great part of this program is a payroll deduct offer. It is a good program!"

Frances Salazar
HR Coordinator
St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

"Phoenix County Day School has offered United Pet Care's membership program to its employees since September, 2002. Although there are only a few employees who take advantage of this program, the ones who belong have stayed with the program for a long time."

Trudy Tom
Employee Resources Officer
Phoenix Country Day School

"United Pet Care California has been wonderful and pleasant to do business with. They have an incredibly talented team that shows excellent professionalism and knowledge. United Pet Care has shown great efficiency in getting responses and questions answered. Every participant at our firm loves the services provided. United Pet Care is highly recommended and well appreciated, by all. Do business with United Pet Care, and you will not be disappointed."

Chris Huynh
Human Resources
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth

"We have been very pleased with the service level and attentiveness we have received from the United Pet Care team since adding the benefit to our employees in 2008. The United Pet Care team is professional and always available to go the extra mile at our request."

Jennifer Wiegman
Human Resources Manager
Nobel Biocare USA Inc.

"Our employees love the benefits provided by United Pet Care. Recently I received a call from one of our employees stating how excited and pleased she was when she went to the vet and saw the discounts given to her... she saved a lot of money. I would encourage any employer to add United Pet Care to their benefits package as employees with pets will be appreciate it."

Nano Soriano
Human Resources /Compensation and Benefits
Farmers & Merchants Bank

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