Sue, We are so sorry to hear about your loss and hope that you have lots of wonderful memories to hang on to. Thank you Julie...we do, and we shared them with her "God Parents" on Friday night when they came to say goodbye. It is a horrible thing to have to do, but the vet we found (only because of your program) was wonderful, I can't say enough kind words about his care and concern, and your program saved me almost $200.00. It was a great gift only made available to me through my employer this year. We knew we were getting close, we adopted her 12 years ago at ~4....but they could have been off by a year or two. Having the discount program allowed me to do what I needed in order to feel sure I was doing the right thing. Bill & Sue Brummer
'Thor & Boomer' Kind of a rescue. My Mom does some dog boarding out in Palm Springs and an un-fixed husky and her standard poodle were playing around and next thing you know she had 9 pups! All boys except for one girl. They are neat dogs very agile, fast and acrobatic.
I adopted Lilly almost 2 years ago. She was in a foster home when I as adopted her through Saving One Life. At the time she was a year old & had been a teen mom before she reached a year old. I found her by a happy accident. I originally wanted to adopt an 8 week old Siamese kitten named Hollywood. Saving one life chose another family to home Hollywood in. Then I saw Lilly. I immediately fell in love with her & knew instantly she was my future furry kid! Turns out also she was Hollywood kitten's mom! How wild is that? My kids & I love Lilly & look forward to a long future together.
I adopted Misty from a rescue shelter in Dec, 2009. She was a frightened little girl, a dachsie-terrier mix (I think) whose age and history are unknown although she'd had at least one litter, perhaps more. She didn't know how to play with other dogs or toys. But that has changed and she now loves her toys. She is my little heroine having come through a time of living on the street and managing to survive. Misty is my 12.5 lb protector. Get close to me and she lets you know that I am hers. When she puts her little paws on my face I know that this little one is truly my loving, loveable angel.
Necahaul is Aztec for left alone survivor. Necahual was rescued by her new family from the animal shelter back on 12/31/11.
This is Bitsy, a purebred rescue Chihuahua. She is two years old now and was given up by the breeder when she was a year old because she was deemed "defective" and slated for euthanasia because her front paws go out like a ballerina's - which doesn't bother her one bit. It actually makes her even more appealing. She weighs three pounds but thinks she's a huge dog and makes herself known to other dogs on her twice a day walks. Bitsy "talks" to her human Mom with a high pitched squeak. When her Mom squeaks back she just keeps up her end of the conversation. She is also a tv addict and her Mom tapes shows for her that have lots of dogs or cats in them. She will sit on the bed a few feet from the tv for an hour just watching and prancing about with her tail wagging at the animals she is seeing. Everyone says she is adorable and has so much personality. She is dearly loved!
This is my little princess, Bianca. I have been her mom since she was 4 days old and her biological mother abandoned her and her siblings. I knew the second I laid my eyes on her that I was going to have her and we were going to be best friends. From bottle feeding to the present, Bianca has been so expressive, vocal, and smart. She is my little shadow and loves to be as close as she can be to me when we lie together and watch TV. She is a loyal friend. I love her very much!
Dillon was 5 years old and we had him only 3 years. He just was put to sleep 3 weeks ago from kidney failure. No cure for this, and the vet said that he was probably born with this disease. It was the saddest day for my husband and I, as Dillon was the best part of our lives. He is pictured here with my 96 year old dad, who lives in a Group Home and Dillon has brought happiness to his life and the lives of the other people living in the home. I used to bring him each week and he just sat on their laps and they loved just petting him. He was a great companion and we miss him terribly.
This is Zooty- she is a Lhasa Apso. Today is her 11th birthday. She is the greatest dog and she is as mischievous and curious as when she was a puppy. She loves people more than dogs and can’t wait to greet anyone that crosses her path! She has a habit of hiding her dog treats all over the house, in the beds, in the couches, you never know where you are going to find them. She is truly a member of the family, always ready to go anywhere and try anything. And yes, she is having a birthday party tonight!
My puppy Sam is the cutest! When he’s not busy eating or sleeping, he likes to fetch and frolic. He’s a great watchdog too. He growls and barks at his reflection several times a day. I hope he never grows up!

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