I would like you to meet Crash and Burn!! They are both pitbulls. And regardless of what people say about the breed they are beautiful, loving, and friendly additions to our family. And every night they curl up together you can't find one without the other.
Macaulay- Aka “Mac” This is my beautiful boy, Macaulay. He has been an amazing cat since the day I met him. His personality is enlightening. When I’m not feeling 100%, he comes in to lie with me and make everything better. When I can’t sleep at night, I call for him and as soon as he snuggles next to me, I am out like a light. He is the sweetest cat I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I do not know how I would have made it this far without going crazy without him and his sister, Bianca. They ease my mind. Just look how handsome and photogenic he is. He is my buddy for sure.
This is my female Rottweiler Zarra at 10 weeks old. She thinks she’s a lion princess and loves to sleep on top of your head between the pillow and headboard.
This is Silo...when I came home I saw garbage all over the kitchen floor I was a little upset and then I saw this, it was so funny..with two dogs it's hard to determine the perpetrator...but not this time.:-)
Our dog’s name is Bella, she is a full blooded Boxer – 2 ½ yrs old. She’s been the very best dog anyone could ask for. Bella loves kids #1, loves to play(with her favorite rope) has tons of energy but also loves to cuddle with her mom, is very loving and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is one of the best things that’s ever happened to my fiancé and I, we are very lucky to have her. From 6weeks old she’s been the sweetest, friendliest dog, very low maintenance and loves to run and play in the grass. Couldn’t have ever asked for a better dog!!
Here is a picture of Bumbalina Piper Orriss! Our family affectionately refers to her as Princess Bumble, Bumbee or "cute little princess fairy muffin". She is such a lovey girl! She is quick to curl up with us on the couch or bed - she scurries over when anyone sneezes to make sure they're ok and when one of us is sick, she's the best nurse maid you could ask for (so warm and cuddly). She's such a special part of our family and we sure do love her :) We hope that she'll be a featured pet on your Facebook page. Just on the side, she's so extra-special, that she has her own Facebook page! She comments and checks it regularly! She even "liked" United Pet Care!
Casper is a dachshund and very special for sure! His fur is soft and white, with a pink belly and parts of his paws are pink. Casper was born deaf and blind and I adopted him at the age of 8 weeks old. His disabilities do not hold him back at all. He can smell a neighbor dog or child if they are out playing in their own back yard through a block wall. He runs out the back door heading for the wall because he can smell them. He learns how to maneuver in new surrounds very quickly. He knows if a cookie is removed from the panty or ice cream is being enjoyed in another room. He talks to me with his right paw. If he wants to just be held he ties to climb my leg. I give him kisses and he gives me kisses in return. (Sometimes I get kisses without even asking for them). He loves everyone and ever doggie he meets. Casper loves riding in a car and going for walks. He loves to run free in safe areas with out a lease. To him it must be like flying. He is a very good natured dog and yet to meet a stranger!
Chester is our small mixed breed terrier. He is about 10 pounds. We all gathered for Christmas. We turned around and Chester was head-first in the Christmas cake. Chester ate the Christmas cake!
Daffie is a perfect little beauty. As sweet and gentle as her pictured image portrays. She was born on March 17th of 2004. She was adopted as a gift for her Daddy who was ill and needed a 'friend' to care for to keep him active. Her 'Daddy', Richard, took excellent care of her and loved her dearly until he was called to heaven in 2009. She now lives with 'Daddies' wife who continues to lavish her with the love and care Richard would expect for his little princess. Daffie doesn't just go for walks, she's a prancer with flowing long hair and a bright, fresh bow atop her ponytail that draws attention of everyone that passes her. No one can ever ignore her beauty and charm!
Hi: My name is "Rocky" and I'm an English Cocker Spaniel and my mom LOVES ME! I have a grandma who lives with us and I take care special care of her. She has Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis and one day she was calling the caregiver because she needed some help and she was vacuuming and didn't hear grandma. I ran to her and started barking and she was not paying attention to me. I ran back to grandma and realized that she was still calling for the caregiver so I ran back to the caregiver and continued barking until she turned the vacuum cleaner off and then she heard grandma and ran to the rescue. I got a hug and kiss from my mom when she got home and treat because I was a good boy that day. I usually am a pretty good boy for mom. Thank you!

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