This is Tubby. He is a five year old, Old English Bulldog. As you can tell by the picture is our family clown. Always boppin around like he’s on a pogo stick. You might think a big dog (approx. 90 lbs) wouldn’t bop around much, but he does. He doesn’t care what are you doing to him (bathing, dressing him), he loves the attention. Like the majority of the Bulldog breeds he’s entertaining and full of energy, except when he chooses to be lazy or stubborn. He’s very lovable, and if he had his way he would sleep and sit on you 24/7. He serves as a pedestal/bed to his brother, Nacho (Chihuahua), whenever Nacho pleases.
Mr. Kitty he is 3 years old a mix of maine coon and tabby. I adopted him at a local animal shelter called AAWL. When I adopted him he had a very bad respiratory infection the poor thing could barely breathe. I gave him medication and lots of love and after 3 days he was running around and eating like a perfect healthy happy cat. He has a very amazing personality. Mr. Kitty loves to be walked on a leash daily, after his walk in the hot Arizona sun he cools down in the refrigerator yes he just jumps right into the refrigerator. He also knows how to play fetch, he is my little cat dog haha. Mr. Kitty also enjoys chasing dogs and cats! I know sounds crazy but this little guy has chased my neighbor’s german shepherd!! And the dog is like 3 times his size. I think he thinks he is some sort of super hero that can chase anything and everything hehe I hope you enjoy his photos, he is a silly little thing.
This is Zeke - Zeke lets us brush his teeth and he likes it. Zeke is the oldest of three Goldens we own and he is the one with the most character (obviously) - He likes to show off his pearly teeth.
Brave Little Rika My 6 year old Doxie Rika had back surgery in July of 2011. She was paralyzed but is now walking again. She returned to full time duty at Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale Arizona as a therapy dog. The patients really relate to her. She offers them encouragement and determination. I put her in her pet stroller for the long walk down the halls but she walks around the rooms. In the ATU, we see some of the same patients every week. They are so pleased with her progress and looking forward to seeing her on Wednesdays. In the waiting rooms, when there are children in strollers, they are now nose to nose with Rika. It works out perfectly. This trauma turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Ceba is 2 years old little girl yorkie and chi mix and she grew up in the picture with the computer background. Zorro is 13 years old boxer. Ceba is daddy’s little girl, her favorite bed is on top of his chest. She puts Zorro in check except during feeding time, when she keeps her distance or she stays in another room. Minus the food she rules. Zorro is an old guy, he likes to sunbathe. Both only barks when someone at the front door, other than that they are quiet. We love them, best stress reliever.
My sister Jennifer has been named the Chameleon Whisperer by friends and family. She absolutely loves her chameleons and takes them in for routine veterinary care. They require a high level of care. They are very sensitive pets. They have HUGE personalities. Here is a close up shot of Godzilla.
This is Daggamus. He is a beautiful pit my son adopted the year before he went into the Marines. I have been blessed with the job of taking care of him while my son is away. When I came into the picture as his caregiver he was a young rambunctiousness pup! He had no manners and jumped all over you, usually knocking you down. With a little training, total of 2 hours, he has become a well behaved pup everyone loves. Clap for him and he will run and zip around the room for you with a big grin like the one in the picture. Give him a water source he will become a fish! Sometimes all you can only see is his eyes sticking up like an alligator over the rim of the pool as he watches everyone while wading in his the pool. What really sets him apart from a lot of dogs is his huge heart that wants so badly to please everyone and everything. We have two ferrets left out of 9. He loves to make sure they are cleaned and takes time to play hide and seek with them. He is very gentle with them. He also babysits my little 7 and 10 pound pups and keeps them happy by playing with them, sleeping with them and protecting them. When I say protect them I don't mean he attacks people that mess with them. Although, one day my granddaughter was taking Daggamus and one of my small pups to the mail box and two other pit bulls got out of their yard and came charging after them. My granddaughter grabbed up the little pup and screamed as the pits jumped out towards her and the little pup, but once Daggamus saw this he wasn't about to allow anything to happen to either on of them. I am sure you are going to think he attacked the two other pits and it was a bloody mess, but that isn't what happened. Instead he lunged at them hitting them with his chest and kept blocking them from my granddaughter and our little pup. He didn't stop until they finally gave up and ran home. No one was hurt, cops where called, dogs where locked back up in their back yard and Daggamus was our hero. Not one animal was bitten or hurt. Everyone that saw what happened were totally awe struck! Now to me that makes him an amazing PUP!!
Here's the 1st pet to be selected for Feature me on UPC, I'll be on Facebook for all to see! Ginger's a 2 year old pomeranian that was rescued from the Humane Society 1 year ago by her new family. When she was found her right paw was badly broken. After many surgeries she now has 5 pins in that little paw but you'd never know that by her happy carefree attitude. She now spends her days being loved and pampered with the family that adores her.
Brandy was found on a school yard when she was only a few months old. She was adopted by a loving couple at about 6 months old and 22 lbs. She is now over 4 years old and weighs 72 lbs. Her two predecessors were also called “Brandy” and she acquired the same name as it was easy to remember by her “Dad”!!! She has become the shadow of her “stay at home Dad”. He walks her every morning. She actually “talks” when she wants something-especially at your bedside when she wants to go out at 2AM! Her toys are kept in a small crate and she goes and takes them out and accumulates them in the middle of the room. Her “Dad” is always putting them back and she just goes back and takes them out again! She is a sweet, smart beautiful animal and is loved by all our neighbors-especially those who come by the house to pick up the mail. Brandy is always at the wall waiting for a petting and some kind words.
Ray-Ray (aka "Ray Charles") was originally from a pet store until they noticed him bonking into things. They took him to the vet where he was identified as being blind - most likely at birth! He was fostered at the vet's office for a few months until he found his forever home. He was adopted out at about five months old and was so full of life and kissies! He didn't know how to walk on a leash and was petrified every time a car drove by him during his walks. However, over time with the strong guidance of his mommy, he learned to enjoy his walks. But how he loved to run, run, run and play with his toys! He learned many queues for his safety (e.g., "curb up/down," "watch out," "slow down," "step up/down," etc.) as well as dozens of tricks - anywhere from "sit down" to "bang, bang!" He recently learned a few yoga posture tricks (his mommy is a yoga instructor) and knows how to do "chair," "puppy pose," "forward fold," and of course our favorite - "Savasana." Ray-Ray has the heart of the size of Texas and so amazingly patient. He has taught his mommy and those around him a lot in perseverance. He is truly a blessing.

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