Doris Amdur

Doris Amdur, Principal, founded UPC in February 1996, primarily to promote pet owners to affiliate with veterinarians through well care visits & annual vaccines.  Doris bred, raised and showed Great Danes for several years and worked as Director of Marketing in the medical and dental industry.  Ms. Amdur focuses her energy on developing our veterinary network, making meaningful business decisions and most importantly, interfacing with the exceptional staff of co-workers at UPC.

Matthew Korp
Accounting Manager

Matthew Korp is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and became a part of the United Pet Care team over fifteen years ago. 
As UPC’s Accounting Manager, he leads the department and handles information management responsibilities, including membership database administration.  Matt is instrumental in setting up various methods of information systems between employers and UPC, handling billing issues, preparing monthly reports and veterinary rosters and assisting our staff in many areas.

Carolina Del Rio
Office Manager

Carolina Del Rio came to UPC 11 years ago.  Carolina is responsible for coordinating all aspects of our UPC “home away from home”. Ms. Del Rio is adept at answering any and all questions regarding the UPC program, is bilingual, assists at benefits fairs, implements our company policies, communicates with our members, insurance brokers, UPC participating group benefits departments and veterinary hospitals.  Carolina oversees all areas of the business.

Barbara Avrin
Account Executive

Barbara Avrin has been on staff at United Pet Care since September 2006.  Barbara’s sales and marketing position involves overseeing accounts that offer UPC through payroll deduction.  She is directly responsible for introducing and coordinating all aspects of the UPC program, and participates in open enrollment meetings and benefit fairs.  Ms. Avrin ensures that UPC participating employer groups are well supplied with current materials necessary to promote UPC, and is available to answer any questions from insurance brokers, benefit managers and/or employees.  She is responsible for marketing UPC to new business prospects by presentations to employers who are interested in offering this most requested benefit to their employees.

Joyce Cohen-Smith
Provider Relations

Joyce Cohen-Smith comes to UPC with a  background in medical placement and medical insurance coding.
Ms. Cohen-Smith concentrates her efforts on contacting veterinary facilities in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas to enlighten them on the UPC program.  Joyce is responsible for adding several veterinary practices to our provider directory and continues to disseminate our information to the veterinary population.

Sharon Kay Lesch
Administrative Assistant

Sharon Kay Lesch, joined UPC in February 2009. Her secretarial background, combined with her love of animals, enables her to offer a high level of service to our UPC members and in-house staff. Kay’s responsibilities include the timely preparation of mailings to members and employers and updates to membership records. Additionally, Kay assists members with questions and changes to their personal information, as well as educating prospective members about the UPC program in order to facilitate the enrollment process.

Jeannie Streeper
Accounting Assistant

Jeannie Streeper has been with UPC since May 2005. Jeannie’s position includes processing membership information and types of payment, updating our systems database with any changes made to existing memberships, completing renewal reports, assisting with any other accounting procedures and keeping our members informed of any updates to their account.  Jeannie also takes calls from our prospective members, providing them with any information needed to assist them in enrolling or making changes to their existing account.

Wanda Ryba
Marketing Support

Wanda Ryba has been part of the UPC team since August 2004.  Wanda supports the marketing arm of our company by her timely and efficient response to Requests for Proposals, packets, flyers and all information pertaining to our program.  Ms. Ryba assists at benefits fairs and helps the accounting department whenever necessary.  Wanda most enjoys aiding our members and prospective members by accurately providing them with a complete understanding of our UPC program.




Julie Ficke

Julie Ficke is the Principal of United Pet Care, LLC California.  Ms. Ficke joined United Pet Care in 1997.  Ms. Ficke's background includes Director of Global Marketing for Advanced Sterilization Systems, a Johnson and Johnson Company, and Vice President of Marketing, North America,  for Nobel Biocare, the global market leader in dental implants.  Ms. Ficke graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Microbiology and acquired her MBA at Pepperdine University in California. Julie's focus includes adding value to our participating veterinarians through innovative marketing initiatives designed to help them grow their practices.  Julie also develops enhanced programs to promote pet owner affiliations with qualified veterinarians at cost savings.

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