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Hey ladies, I just wanted to thank you again for reaching out to me and partnering with LA Police Gear. Literally 2 weeks after we enrolled in your program, I had a scare with my dog and he had to be rushed to the vet. What was supposed to be a $200 bill ended up being $135! I was so happy with how easy everything was, as opposed to insurance, and I love my new vet. Thank you again for all that you do!! Sincerely, Nicole F. Office Manager LA Police Gear, Inc.
~ Nicole F
This is a wonderful service and I'm so glad that I found out about it. I've had this pet care for 15 years. I signed up when I got an 8 year old dog and then added a cat, then two, and then a third cat. Thankfully, my pets have been relatively healthy. My first dog has passed on.When she was 15 years old I had her at the vets quite a bit and saved $ by using this program. I've also lost one cat due to a stomach problem and again this program helped save me money. Two of my cats are now 14 and 15 years old now and thankfully are doing well health wise. One cat is 10 and the current dog is 5. They each go for an annual check up and the two vet doctors and all of the staff at Rural Animal Clinic are fantastic and caring. Thanks for this program Arizona!
~ Linda
Sue, We are so sorry to hear about your loss and hope that you have lots of wonderful memories to hang on to. Thank you Julie...we do, and we shared them with her "God Parents" on Friday night when they came to say goodbye. It is a horrible thing to have to do, but the vet we found (only because of your program) was wonderful, I can't say enough kind words about his care and concern, and your program saved me almost $200.00. It was a great gift only made available to me through my employer this year. We knew we were getting close, we adopted her 12 years ago at ~4....but they could have been off by a year or two. Having the discount program allowed me to do what I needed in order to feel sure I was doing the right thing.
~ Bill & Sue Brummer
When I first was offered this benefit, I thought who would get THAT for their animal? That is completely ridiculous. But I signed up for it begrudgingly. Low and behold my dog Venom started to have seizures and with all of the testing, office visits and medications that he was on (and is still on) it helped me out as a single Mom at the time. The benefits that I receive from UPC as well as the vet are extraordinary! Venom just recently had surgery for what was thought to be cancerous tumors on his back but turned out to be fat pockets. This normally would have cost me over $1000. But with the benefit of UPC it was a quarter of that. There would have been no way that Venom would be alive and kicking without this benefit. I promote this benefit to everyone I know whether they work at PCH or not.
~ Laurie Drew
I love this program!!
~ Julie Hoffman
Testimonial: When I joined United Pet Care 9 years ago, my brother was drinking Kailua and left his full glass on the floor while he went to the bathroom. One of my dogs (9 lbs) drank the whole glass. Within about 1/2 hour the dog was lying on the floor with its tongue hanging out of its mouth and was barely breathing. I rushed it the vet’s office (the one on Unite Pet Care’s program) and they kept it for 4 days. The dog ended up with alcohol poisoning. They ended up doing 4 bloods transfusions and watched my pet around the clock. I was in shock when I got my $4000.00 bill. Thank GOD I had United Pet Care. After they took the savings off the top of my bill I only had to pay $3000.00. I saved $1,000.00 just by having United Pet Care, which was taken off of the bill immediately! The vet didn’t have to keep the pet and could have sent me to an emergency facility, but they went above and beyond because I was a Unite Pet Care member. In the 9 years I have been with United Pet Care I have always been treated with GREAT customer service from the staff and will never go back VPI or Banfield, which is another story. United Pet Care you have a customer for life!
~ Rhonda
Testimonial: I received a phone call from United Pet Care the other day letting me know that the credit card I had on file for my monthly payment did not allow the payment to go through. My bank just without notice issued me a new card. I did not think to call United Pet Care. When they called I gave them the new number and all was good. Unlike the cancellation notice I got from my car insurance company when my payment didn't go through. Way to go United Pet Care. That is what I call "Old Fashion Customer Service!"
~ Samantha
I brought in my Sweety to Catalina vet center and we had a great experience I just adopted her from a rescue and she had stitches in her leg and was abused and bit by another dog in the past. so I brought her in there a few days after I had her and they did everything to her and for a good price too. Very happy with the vet and I am bringing in my geriatric gal too.
~ Lisa Stimmel
Another member that had a great experience at Acoma Animal Clinic! Michelle said the visit went smoothly, the office staff was friendly and she had a good experience with the vet.
~ Michelle Yogerst
I signed up for this and I really like it! If anyone should ask you about the insurance, I love the vet. I had tried several in my area and really felt like they were so greedy. They were always suggesting tests and things that were not necessary. But not the one i'm assigned to in Cave Creek. I love it. Just thought you should know. Sent by Donna Miller, an employee of Abrazo Health Care, who offers the United Pet Care program to their employees as a voluntary benefit through payroll deduction.
~ Donna MIller
A member who had to "let go" of her 16 yr old Chinese Crested dog called in and thought her United Pet Care membership was fantastic. She also had a very positive experience in the midst of a difficult situation at Acoma Animal Clinic.
~ Robin Cummings
We and our dog Kimba, love United Pet Care. The little it costs to invest every month has saved us so much in vet bills, well, it's still just staggering at how much we used to spend with our older dog,(rest in peace Noah.), We had Kimba spade, as well as, her shots updated. With what we saved, we can now get her properly bathed and nails done...and we can afford dog training. She graduates this Sunday. She is 8 months old now. We are going right into intermediate training. Our goal is "good citizen award", so she can go to hospitals and schools and make other people as happy as she is making us. Thank you for continued great service,
~ Deb Felts
I want to thank you guys for the incredible pet care benefit we have here! I signed up for the United Pet Care program. My dog just had to have a $3,500 surgery, and it saved me $875!!! I really hope we can keep it as part of our benefits next time around. Thanks again > robin
~ Robin Jackson
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the UPC staff, for prioritizing our case to the enth degree!! Success is ours, for all went smooth as silk in the Norco facility. I think Norco billed us on the "Preferred program". A significant savings! We go back in two weeks for follow up shots. UPC IS as EASY as 1 2 3. Thanks to all!
~ Deb Felts
"Pet insurance can definitely save you money and is worth the investment," says Jana George, a Human Resources Generalist at AG Communication Systems, a Phoenix-based high-tech company. "The annual cost for United Pet Care is comparable to the amount you would probably spend on annual vaccinations alone. With United Pet Care, you receive free annual vaccines, free annual exam, $15 office visits, and up to 25% off of veterinary services." Ms. George speaks from experience. "Personally, I have tried both United Pet Care (UPC) and Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) and, in my opinion the benefits offered by UPC far exceed those provided by VPI. With UPC, there are no deductibles, no claim forms, no age limitations, and no pre-existing condition exclusions - all of which are required by VPI. When my dog suffered from allergies, each visit to the vet was subject to a $40 deductible with VPI. Eventually, they classified her allergies as a pre-existing condition and I was no longer able to claim these expenses. So, I switched to UPC. And later, when my dog needed intensive care, I was able to saved $500 in veterinary services."
~ Jana George
"We have found United Pet Care to be a great investment for our girls," said Victoria Bellomo and Antonio Rosacci, both attorneys, and UPC members since September 2001. "Ashley is 15 years old and Nikki is 13. We were unable to secure pet insurance based on their ages, but because United Pet Care does not discriminate, the girls were approved right away. As members, we have saved hundreds of dollars in veterinarian fees. We have referred many of our pet-loving friends to UPC."
~ Victoria Bellomo and Antonio Rosacci
Jerri Altendorf, a paralegal at a major law firm said, "I joined the program after receiving a flyer from my employer regarding UPC. This is a wonderful program that allows me to provide my dog, Buddha, with the best medical treatment at reasonable rates. Because my pet is in his senior years, I have had the opportunity to use my United Pet Care membership many times. I would recommend this program to everyone."
~ Jerri Altendorf

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