United Pet Care Portal

United Pet Care (UPC) offers you the opportunity to use the power of the web to view your United Pet Care information. The UPC Portal also enables you to communicate with our office easily, safely, and securely over the Internet.

EMPLOYERS can use the Portal to:

  • View United Pet Care programs and costs
  • View your customized enrollment website link
  • View your employees enrolled, along with their selected program, number of pets, and monthly costs
  • Enroll an Employee
  • Cancel terminated employees
  • Cancel employees who no longer have their pet(s)
  • View your last 6 months’ invoices

INSURANCE BROKERS can use the Portal to:

  • Review the data listed above for each of your Groups

VETERINARIANS can use the Portal to:

  • View your current United Pet Care clients, their effective dates, and their pet's information

Individual UPC Members should use the Member Portal.