What is United Pet Care?

United Pet Care (UPC) is a pet healthcare membership savings program. Our easy-to-use savings programs and excellent network of veterinary providers makes it possible for us to save you about 20-50% on every visit to the veterinarian*.

(*Arizona’s Basic Program saves 10% across the board for one low annual fee.)

Who is United Pet Care?

United Pet Care (UPC) was founded in Arizona in 1996 on the premise that healthcare programs for pets have become a necessity in today’s economic environment. Since then, we have expanded to include California, and our services and employer programs are available nationwide.

With the rising cost of veterinary care and the challenges of today’s economic conditions, we are dedicated to helping pet owners receive top-quality, affordable veterinary care for their pets wherever they need it.

What are the benefits of becoming a United Pet Care member?

We are not an insurance company. We are a membership savings program. Because of that, our members receive major discounts on office visits, vaccinations, procedures, surgeries, medications, and so much more.

In addition, our membership program has:

  • NO claim forms
  • NO deductibles
  • NO exclusions due to pre-existing conditions, age, or hereditary/congenital conditions
  • NO waiting period
  • NO limit to the number of veterinary visits

And best of all, your savings are immediate! We discount your bill at the time of service, which means more money in your pocket right away!

Who are the Primary Care Veterinarians on United Pet Care?

The veterinarians participating in United Pet Care are all private practitioners who meet professional qualification standards of veterinary medicine. Our most important goal is to assure our members of the highest possible quality of care. If your veterinarian is not listed, call our office to find out how your veterinarian may join our provider network.

How do I become a member?

You can sign up online by going to the Individuals page, or you may call us at 602-266-5303 in Arizona or 949-916-7374 in California.

When will my membership take effect?

Please refer to your enrollment packet (welcome letter) for your effective date. Typically, memberships received by the 25th of each month become effective the first of the following month. (For example: Sign-up Date: August 23 — Effective Date: September 1).

Can I change my Preferred Veterinarian later?

Absolutely! Simply call our Member Services Department and the change will come into effect on the first of the following month. Our Arizona number is 602-266-5303 and our California number is 949-916-7374.