Thank You From Lil Bears mom Victoria Kent

I have told everyone that asked about how I afforded my dogs surgery (My little rat terrier had a bump behind his left ear few months ago it turned into a Mass Tumor) my heart sank he’s all I’ve got If I didn’t have your service/ saving UPC I wouldn’t have been able to afford any of the double vets visit’s before the surgery & The Surgey itself. I have saved $185.00 1 week before Surgery & then on Surgery day $285.00! that was only August 1 month THANK YOU! UPC membership has paid for its self in a few months! Victoria 🙂

Thank you for your excellent service!

Good morning Ms. Huard,

Thank you so much for your help earlier this morning.  I decided to go back to the clinic for Orion’s shots and they informed me you had contacted them to get things sorted out. I thank you for taking time out of your day to do that.  It is service like that why I renew my/Orion’s membership every year. Again, thank you so much and may you have an amazing day.

Catherine Santos

Peace of Mind!

Hello United Pet Care,

Perhaps things happen for a reason. Perhaps Dr. Pasternak would have been a fine vet for us, but that debacle that put me with Dr. Baum worked out just fine.

Natasha and I saw Dr. Baum today. He is a great veterinarian. He has a good heart as well as good medical skills. I saved $86.00 in discount. The monthly $10.60 brings peace of mind. Hopefully we will never need anything big. N. seems to be genetically blessed, so knock on wood, Dr. Baum said she may be one of those cats who lives to 23. I hope so!

Thanks for switching me over quickly. The office is friendly, I liked the people and their pets. A great bunch.

Have a great weekend.

Norma Rockman

Extremely helpful in getting me enrolled

I’d just like to extend a huge compliment to Chris Bebee in the Phoenix office. He was extremely helpful in getting me enrolled in United Pet Care for my cat Bella. Not only did he work quickly and was warm and friendly, but he recommended a great vet for Bella in the area that he’s been going to for years. Thanks SO much Chris, you are wonderful!!! Definitely some of the best customer service I’ve had with any company in a long time! 🙂



Very Useful Insurance Alternative

“UPC has saved us countless thousands of dollars off medical bills in addition to free annual exams and vaccinations. We highly recommend this service to anyone with an animal of any kind.”

UPC has exposed my practice to thousands of pet owners through their employer groups and website, and helps to provide us with a secure client base.

United Pet Care has become a wonderful marketing arm for our practice, especially in the employer market — which we would have difficulty reaching without them.

My client base has grown substantially… My practice is marketed to employers, credit unions and associations, which saves me marketing dollars.

I got some very valuable new clients through the UPC employer-based program.