UPC Versus Pet Insurance

United Pet Care is BETTER than Pet Insurance!

Benefits United Pet Care Pet Insurance
MONTHLY COST $13.75 – $15.80/Pet $25.75 – $65.00/Pet
Old Age (≥10 YEARS) Included Excluded or Additional Cost
Pre-Existing Conditions Included Excluded
Hereditary/Congenital Conditions Included Excluded
Deductibles None $50-$200 per Incident
Claim Form None Yes
Waiting period None Yes
Well Care Included Additional Cost
Spay/Neuter Included Varies per Company
Maximum Dollar Amount Annually Included Yes/Varies per Company

Compared to Pet Insurance, UPC costs less, is simple to use and saves instantly.

Put an end to deductibles and frustrating claim forms that traditional pet insurance requires. As a UPC member, you simply take your pet to the vet as often as you need and instantly save 20-50% on everything from checkups and vaccines to skin treatments and surgeries. Guaranteed.