Pet healthcare savings for the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) members

United Pet Care is the zero-restriction pet healthcare benefit your employees will actually use and love

Unlike pet insurance, United Pet Care (UPC) is the simplest way to help your employees save money on their pets’ healthcare. We have no restrictions on breed, age, or pre-existing conditions, and we don’t make your employees deal with the hassle of deductibles, submitting claims, or waiting 4-6 months for a reimbursement. 

By offering your employees UPC as an employee benefit, they’ll save on their pet’s healthcare both at the vet and at home, and you’ll be the hero that made it happen for them:  

  • Save 20-50% instantly on all in-house services at one of our in-network primary care vets 
  • Get 24/7 access to our virtual pet helpline where you can get over-the-phone advice from a veterinary expert while in the comfort of your home, 100% included in your membership 
  • Save up to 87% on your pet’s prescription medications that have a human equivalent 

How UPC Works

Signing up for UPC takes 5 minutes or less, and using the benefit is even easier. 

Relevant Benefits

As of 2020, 80% of your employees are pet parents, and we can help provide healthcare for the whole family with pet health savings plans

Easy Enrollment

Submit your information below, and we can get you set up in as little as a few hours whenever you’re ready to go

No Hidden Fees

Offering UPC to your employees doesn’t have to cost you anything out of pocket, unless you choose to cover your employees’ memberships

So much better than pet insurance!

ASBA is beyond excited to offer the United Pet Care program to our members as an employee benefit – now more than ever before, employees count their pets as beloved family members. United Pet Care’s unique, zero-restrictions pet care savings product will ensure that the ‘fur babies’ of ASBA are well protected, and that their employees save money in the process!
Robin Duncan, SVP Business Development, Arizona Small Business Association

Your discounted United Pet Care rates

Thanks to ASBA, you can offer your employees these special rates, which are discounted 40% compared to our standard pricing.
Better yet, you can offer these rates without having to subsidize any of the cost if you don’t want to.
1 Pet $17.50
2 Pets $34.00
3 Pets $50.50
4+ Pets $16.50/pet

Still want to learn more? Watch our video to learn even more about the program.

So much better than pet insurance!

My previous experience with pet insurance for my cat was anything but pleasant. United Pet Care gives me the peace of mind I need as a pet owner knowing that my cat will be covered whenever he needs care!
Robert B., UPC Member

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Vets all over The Valley & beyond​

UPC’s network of participating vets spans both the entire Phoenix metro area, and the Tucson area. More vets coming across Arizona (including in southern and northern AZ)!

Want to visit an out-of-network vet? No problem. UPC members who don’t visit an in-network vet still save money through our 24/7 pet helpline and discount prescription drug program, both of which are included in your membership and do not require visiting an in-network vet.

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