Big Benefits at No Extra Cost

80% of employees are pet parents. It’s important to give them a holistic benefits package that supports every member of their family—pets included!

Partnering with UPC

When employers offer United Pet Care benefits to their employees, everybody wins. Employers that offer pet healthcare see increased retention and morale across their company, helping them to soar higher than ever before. Here’s what you can expect when your company teams up with UPC:

  • Appeal to higher-quality employees and talent
  • Improve retention and morale company-wide
  • Absolutely no added cost to you

Benefits to Wag Your Tail For

All Pets Qualify

Every pet is eligible, regardless of age, breed, or any pre-existing condition.

Veterinarians that Care

Our network is filled with veterinarians that are every bit as passionate about pets as we are.

Easy to Implement

UPC integrates with your payroll system or stands alone. No hassles, stress, or extra HR-time needed!

How It Works

How UPC Helps Employers

Offering pet healthcare benefits to your employees has positive effects that extend far beyond enabling access to the best pet care.

Effect 1

Improve Retention & Productivity

Employers who offer pet healthcare options see remarkable increases in employee productivity and retention with the company.

Effect 2

Greater Attendance to Work

When you equip employees to be better pet parents, there are fewer instances of taking time off work to handle pet emergencies.

Effect 3

Attract the Best Talent

Employees know the importance of healthcare for their furry (or feathered) friends. United Pet Care plans show that your company goes the extra mile for employee wellness.

How It Works

Empowering Pet Owners

Our mission is to bring world-class, flexible, affordable pet care to pet owners everywhere.


years helping pets & owners


states eligible for UPC


in-network vets (and growing!)

United Pet Care is our secret ingredient

Since we began offering UPC plans to our employees, we’ve seen a direct correlation between benefit enrollment and employee morale. Our team has become much more motivated and productive as a result, and the pets are happy too!
Ashley R.