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Welcome to the United Pet Care Family!

Our mission is to make pet care Pawsible. We believe in a program of preventative care, early detection of disease or illness, and maintenance of a healthy pet.

Significant savings on your pet’s veterinary care

United Pet Care isn’t insurance, so there are never any claim forms to fill out nor any deductibles to pay. Our program simply saves you money directly at the vets in our network right when you pay for service. Here’s everything you need to know about your United Pet Care membership…

Membership ID

Members will receive their ID via email within 10 business days. Be sure to bring your ID to appointments to receive your vet savings.

If you do not show your ID, you may not receive your savings.

Find your local vet to see available benefits!

Making an Appointment

Your primary care veterinary office is selected during the UPC enrollment process. Simply call your vet directly, and be sure to show your UPC Member ID to receive savings upon checkout.

Each vet has their own individual operating policies and procedures. Verify on your initial visit what these policies may be.

Please note that some veterinarians charge a missed appointment fee. No future appointments with UPC vets will be honored until the missed appointment fee is paid.

Emergency and Specialist Vets

Your pet’s healthcare is very important to us. Emergency and Critical Care Facilities are available for members, regardless of which program they choose.

See our participating emergency vets here and specialists here.

You do not need a referral to see an emergency or specialist vet. Simply make an appointment with an in-network emergency or specialist vet, and show your card for your savings at the time of your appointment. The savings you will receive is different for each facility. 

This savings may be different than your Program savings for your Primary Care Veterinarian.


Self-Service Member Portal

Our new self-service portal allows you to view your plan, charge your payment, and more. You also have access to 24/7 vet helpline services through WhiskerDocs.

Register with the member portal to get started!