The UPC Team

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United Pet Care is family-owned and operated, connecting pet owners and reliable veterinarians since 1996.

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The United Pet Care Team

Doris Amdur, Principal AZ

Doris Amdur, Principal, United Pet Care Arizona
Ms. Amdur founded UPC in February 1996, primarily to promote pet owners to affiliate with veterinarians through well care visits & annual vaccines. Doris bred, raised and showed Great Danes for several years and worked as Director of Marketing in the medical and dental industry. Ms. Amdur focuses her energy on developing our veterinary network, making meaningful business decisions and most importantly, interfacing with the exceptional staff of co-workers at UPC.

Julie Ficke, Principal, CA

Julie Ficke, Principal, United Pet Care California
Ms. Ficke joined United Pet Care in 1997. Ms. Ficke’s background includes Director of Global Marketing for Advanced Sterilization Products, a Johnson and Johnson Company, and Vice President of Marketing, North America, for Nobel Biocare, the global market leader in dental implants. Ms. Ficke graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Microbiology and acquired her MBA at Pepperdine University in California. Julie’s focus includes adding value to our participating veterinarians through innovative marketing initiatives designed to help them grow their practices. Julie also develops enhanced programs to promote pet owner affiliations with qualified veterinarians at cost savings.


Terri Hoffman, Vice President
Terri joined United Pet Care in 2012 as our Vice President. Her vast experience as a sales executive with several national hotels has positioned Ms. Hoffman perfectly to share her wealth of knowledge in this capacity. Not only does Terri manage the sales function for United Pet Care, she is also responsible for ensuring optimal customer support to our Employer Groups, Healthcare Brokers, and Members. Additionally, Terri focuses on expanding our provider network of veterinarians and contributing to our marketing strategies.


Matthew Korp, Accounting Manager
Matthew Korp is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and became a part of the United Pet Care team over 19 years ago. As UPC’s Accounting Manager, he leads the department and handles information management responsibilities, including membership database administration. Matt is instrumental in setting up various methods of information systems between employers and UPC, handling billing issues, preparing monthly reports as well as veterinary rosters and assisting our staff in many areas.


Chris Bebee, Office Manager
Chris Bebee joined UPC in July of 2014. Chris has been a resident of Phoenix for the past 21 years and has 4 beautiful dogs, 2 of which are rescues. Chris’s primary UPC duties include coordinating all aspects of our “home away from home”. Chris is adept at answering any and all questions regarding the UPC program, assists at benefits fairs, implements our company policies, communicates with our members, insurance brokers, UPC participating group benefit departments and veterinary hospitals. Chris is well versed in all areas of the business.

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United Pet Care’s Advisory Board

Robert Duskin
Mr. Duskin joined United Pet Care’s Advisory Board in early 1996. Mr. Duskin is a C.P.A. with Duskin and Duskin, CPA, which he joined in 1983. Mr. Duskin graduated from the University of Arizona.

Andrew Kelly, Esq.
Mr. Kelly is a member of United Pet Care’s Advisory Board. Mr. Kelly is an associate at the law firm of Osborn Maledon, PA in Phoenix. Mr. Kelly graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University College of Law.

Debra Graves
Ms. Graves joined the Advisory Board in early 1996. She has spent the past decade working in the capitated Health Maintenance Organization industry. Ms. Graves has worked extensively in the Provider Relations area of several HMO’s and her experience and counsel in developing a provider-friendly panel and service infrastructure has been critical to United Pet Care’s success. Ms. Graves was employed by American Medical International, Arizona Department of Insurance Guarantee Funds, and U.S. Dental as Provider Relations Liaison.

Dr. Luis R. Andrino
Dr Andrino graduated from Iowa State University in1963 and attended veterinary school in Guatemala. He lectured in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, then moved to California where he worked for the Bureau of Poultry Inspection for one year. Dr. Andrino then went into veterinary practice at Monterey Veterinary Hospital in San Francisco and ultimately opened his own veterinary clinic in San Jose California. In 1975, he sold the facility in San Jose and opened another facility in Guatemala City. In 1981 he moved to Tucson, AZ and opened Amigo Animal Hospital, which he sold in 1987. Currently, Dr. Andrino is enjoying his retirement, while keeping his finger on the pulse of veterinary care.